3 Nov 17 – 6 May 18   Museum Angewandte Kunst

I was honoured to work with Jil Sander on the design of her first solo exhibition ever to take place in a museum as well as on the design of the accompanying catalogue. In close collaboration we developed a white and clear, yet atmospheric space, showing aspects of Jil Sanders’ design approach and her interests beyond fashion touching architecture, product design, garden design and art to familiarize the visitor with her design language.



The exhibition explores the oeuvre of Jil Sander. Encompassing two entire museum floors, it adresses distinct areas of her design from fashion to flagship store architecture and her creative relation to contemporary art. First of all, it is the atmospheric clarity of those ample, generously lighted rooms which takes the visitor along into the Jil Sander’s aesthetic system of color and form.
The exhibition aura is distinctly white and graphic at the same time—large-scale colour reproductions of fashion photography on the walls and large-format film and photo projections in dimmed spaces interact with a multitude of actively defined white spaces. In combination with the bright Richard Meier building, the exhibition architecture offers many exciting visual axes and view points in-between the thematic sections. Quotes and explanatory notes on the walls are kept brief and factual. On a visual level, they act a s structuring devices to individual sections, which, acustically, are marked by the sound installations of Frédéric Sanchez. The soundscapes are a crucial tool in enhancing the emotional experience of the exhibition. Unlike most exhibitions, the visitor is not led by a typical guiding system—the plot does not follow any chronological scheme or dates regarding the sequence of the shown exhibits and outfits on display.